Diana B - Owner | Coordinator | Photographer 

Born and raised in the beautiful Bay Area, California where l fell in love with high school bestie, Matthew. We're blessed with 3 amazingly sweet boys, Logan, Landon + Lawson, who definitely keep me busy with their never ending craziness and "zest for life". We left our sunny weather down south and moved up north and now call Vancouver, Canada our home. We enjoy the simple things in life. We do our very best to live a healthy and active lifestyle, love to explore the great outdoors + enjoy the life we were given!

One thing you need to know about me is that I stay busy. I love to learn new things + see things in different perspectives. I have a passion for coordinating intimate gatherings, organizing and reorganizing lives + taking love centered portraits. I consider myself a "love centered" photographer who absolutely loves loves loves what I do + every single element that comes with it. I love to surround myself with good people + love meeting new peeps along the way. 

I appreciate all of God's blessing + am amazed by his work in my life. I'm in awe with the raw reality of everyday life, the beauty of the moments in between + I do my very best to coordinate every event + take each portrait with that in mind. I want my clients to feel like I've brought their dreams to life. I want them to be able to relate to my portraits + feel like I've captured their emotions, their energy + ultimately, their lifestyle in just a few shots. Whether it's a coordinated event or a photo shoot, I want my clients to be able to say, "That's totally us!"

I focus my attention to the details we tend to forget in everyday life + I do it all with love.

I'd love to share my blessings with you.